Friday, March 28, 2014

You Too Can Look--Like THIS

Diva Of Tickle Pop-recreation of photo by 'Hairy'
using Heromachine3. Universal Biologic reserves
all rights to original submission but allows limited
reproduction for educational purposes. -UB Legal
Hairy forgot: recreation by Herr D, rights reserved.

Now I know not everyone is a xenophile, but I'm sure most of you have heard people complaining about the pressures to look certain ways. I find it a little confusing, personally, because I don't enjoy looking at discomfort on a female's face caused by wearing high heels or corsets, for example. I very much enjoy looking at someone happy.

To a degree, I do understand that people can feel hideous. I have had people look at me as if I was some sort of monster. It didn't feel very nice. I know I'm not the most attractive [species name redacted] I've ever heard of, but I'm probably not the worst looking. I've don't have any burns or parasites or diseases or anyth-- 

Beta test successful, Hairy. Information successfully withheld from 'blog.'

Oh! Thanx, Shelob! That's a relief. Now I won't have to be cautious at all! I was pretty sure, since we weren't getting any error messages. That one module--

Confirmed. Ask question.

Oh yeah. I'd like to know the answers to FOUR questions today. First, when you feel attractive, does it feel better to be appreciated by a random stranger or a significant other? Second, why do you think that is?
Third, what is the worst appearance-changing process for which you have physically seen a before and after? Fourth, what made it the worst? 

Explain picture history?

What? Okay. It would be about twenty years ago now that I happened on this interspecies cabaret. Tickle pop wasn't well known then and hadn't even had airplay on the intergalactic stations. This diva's name would transliterate to whistles, mostly, I think. She was quite the hottie but old-fashioned in her way. Not even her lovers knew how many hands she had. (More than six.) She ruined a [gross approximation] lipstick signing it for me between sets. I gotta get going, folks. Tide-silt's messing with the modem. Hope to get your opinions.

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