Thursday, April 17, 2014

Distant Diva

Herr D's attempt to represent Glubbie isn't  bad,
just doesn't do her legs justice. Her species also 
doesn't normally wear so much or swim 'upright.'

Celebrities exist everywhere, along with the paparazzi, backstage Thimbacas, [TRANSLATION ERROR: RECONFIGURE?] fans, industry flunkies, etc. A woman in the 1980's told me that she had no idea why she was attracted to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, since she didn't like his kind of music and found his face less than handsome. I told her that I understood and that I like the look of blue hide even though it's a very unhealthy color for human skin to be. Somehow I don't think my sympathizing helped.

Do any of you find yourselves drawn to certain features or traits that you think make no sense?

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