Friday, April 25, 2014

What's Your Canvas?

Herr D made this on I gotta say,
I've always found things like that tiny dessert fork
irritating. --Hairy Deewon                                            

Herr D delivered a rant to me this morning, and I was somewhat surprised. He's usually of good humor. I'm still not even sure what he was mad about. . . . yeah, okay? Trawling through his artwork, I couldn't resist this one. Here's this guy, enthused about this new tattoo on his back, and the first emotional reaction is a disgusted face from a nearby woman seeing his chest. Clearly an example of beauty NOT being in the eyes of the person beholding the wrong thing. Sort of a Zen audience.

Does irrelevancy make any of you mad? I can't think of a single example. There's just so much of this world to be interested in, I have trouble imagining much irrelevance. Some of you probably have no idea how rich your conglomeration of cultures are or how incredibly varied your modes of expression are. Herr D has worked in seven different media with reasonable success. Speaking from experience, underwater species tend not to develop artistic painting, paper crafts, or do gourmet plating or food decoration--

Explicit reference to alien origin. Please reword.

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Shelob. Uh . . . obviously there couldn't be the same type of artwork developed by -uh- people . . .  if they lived underwater or inside solid matter. Obviously underwater species could not possibly have much in the way of paper, and intramatter species couldn't have fragile media, like the--

You are under explicit instructions not to discuss those particulars until further notice.

Stupid gag order. Right. Thanks, Shelob. I've always been a sculpt / carve kind of guy: how 'bout you all?

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