Saturday, May 31, 2014

Olden Goldies

Herr D made this on He neglect-
ed to include junkheaps behind them.                      

So, two of the guys near the pier were arguing over who had the newer phone and the older car. I learned the slang term, 'hoopty,' which apparently means old car of questionable appearance. Why isn't there a slang term for phone that doesn't have all the latest apps and capabilities?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Long-Haired Ideas

--from's photo gallery . . .

So I was looking for some conveniently available costumes that would scream: 'I'm NOT aquatic.' I think maybe a ghillie suit would explain some of the bigfoot sightings I've read about. With my luck, I'd be attacked by a feral lawnmower. The merchants who sell those make them sound pretty vicious.

If your lawn could get up and go to the barber, what kind of style would you want it to get?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Which Way Do We Go?

Herr D told me that this is NOT a self-
trait, but demonstrates ambivalence.
He made it on and
says it's a concept worth the copyright.

I've been very concerned about my neighbor. That guy that hid the ring in the plastic egg? He's not drinking alcohol anymore with those other guys, which is good--but I overheard them saying that "he's getting whipped."

She seems like a nice person and all, but violence, even behind closed doors, is not the best answer to anything. From the water near her property, I can sometimes hear screaming, but it sounds like she's doing all the screaming. So today's question is: When you're well-placed, but not well-informed, when do you say something? When do you call the police or social services or whatever? Obviously sometimes a situation might not be what it seems, but when IS it time to make it your business?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Herr D made this some time ago using hero- He said he's doing it over, but 
it looks just like so many of the people seeing
me for the first time that I wanted it 'as is.'          

I just realized that's a fist mirrored in the eyes. Oh, well, I didn't get that expression with a fist . . .



Avoid mention of anatomical differences. This site was recently scanned by federal authorities.

MiB's?! Okay, Shelob. I've just been thinking about screaming. --Wait, no. Ambiguity detector is pulsing. 

Oh. I've been thinking about why people scream. It seems a little counter-productive. What, do you think whatever's attacking you is made of glass and you can shatter it with the right high note? It seems like most screams wouldn't work so well. Ambulance sirens make similar noise, but screaming doesn't get traffic out of the way. Should maybe I assume it's for group survival? Hear the screams, know to hide the children? That does make more sense. Individual survival strikes me as needing other tactics like spraying ink or foul-smelling scent at the attacker. Maybe that's why people smell worse when they're nervous? Does that make sense?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's A Jerry Holiday With Molly

Herr D designed this on He 
titled it "Slightly Deaf Maude Makes A Good Pre-
diction" and reserves all rights to it. I feel this old.

Okay, I did it again. Rather than risk miscounting tides again, I used my periscope to check out the driveway of my closest neighbor. She's the one the guy, who I'll call Jerry for now, put a piece of jewelry in a plastic simulated bird egg for. She goes to work every weekday, not like Jerry, who works when people want his boat. But then comes a holiday. Memorial Day. Which I had completely wrong.

I thought that was celebrating memory. As in 'we're young and don't have dementia yet.' Honoring people who died for your country is a perfectly understandable reason for a holiday. I can appreciate that.


Right. How many of you have trouble keeping up with holidays and why? I always did. Even when I knew more about the culture's history behind them.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Three Cliques To The Right

All rights reserved by the creator.

I have been somewhat baffled at the amount of time people spend on their homeowner's associations, Chapters For The Preservation Of Barbershop Quartets, etc. (They really do exist, folks.) Does anyone feel that their time is well-spent running meetings? If so, how do you feel your experience is different from most peoples'? On the other hand, give an example of meetings you began to skip and were glad about or punished for.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Last Stab At It

Some site named 'Laugh' published this. Dark days.

Yeah. Nothing funnier than being captured by an advanced alien race, prepped for slaughter, getting yourself one of their weapons, and preparing for your imminent death by watching them laugh at you and taking a picture for posterity.

Lucky thing humans are too salty and dry, huh?

When you're outmatched and feeling hopeless, do you rail at yourself or your situation? Personally, I tend to give people an inferiority complex, so I'm more often too busy with irrelevant self-rescue to handle a real problem. Nothing like a scared, desperate mob that you have no ill will toward to get in the way.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Eyes Have It

Don't know who this David is, but he has some good pix.

If I understand multi-genome comparative structural biochem well enough, compound eyes are actually superior to human eyes in certain situations. Like at the size of a mosquito, in certain very dry environs, in places where there are rapid pressure changes, etc. So in deserts, on the surface of swamps, along mountain thermals, and in the ventilation units of submarines and spaceships, compound eyes are sometimes hardier.

Let's say that I . . . have knowledge of intelligent species with compound eyes. They tend to be non-technological. Given that species change very slowly, and that necessity is the mother of invention, I would have to say they have every reason to stay exactly where they are. For now.

So, if the ecosystem doesn't change, there are no predators or, let's say rivals, introduced, and no comic-book-level events or theological uprisings, they'll stay right where they are.


Yes. Suppose that uh--we earthlings got over infighting, became space explorers, and found these compound-eyed guys on friendly terms. What would be more likely, in your opinion, that y-- that we would offer them places to live for exploring places for us, or that the offer would be only material trade?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'll Fly Away

Credit to Wikipedia's editing staff for picking this.

Birds are fascinating. Flying looks like a lot more fun than swimming, just a little too DRY. And, well, high, you know. If I was a bird, I'd like to be one of these guys. I could always reach my food.

What kind of bird would you rather be?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crime Doesn't Pay, But I Hear The Hours Are Nice?

Herr D made this on     -HD  

I didn't get this at first. The joke goes that two guys were found in a dumpster, their heads tied together, shot through the hands. Sort of a dyslexic mafia. I am a bit confused about this mafia thing, anyway.

From the complaints I've seen on the web, there are so many legal ways to lie, cheat, and steal, that no one should need to be a criminal if they have any brains. It's my understanding now that if you just stick to those LEGAL unethical things, that the law has to leave you alone. I did glean that 'loopholes close,' but expecting law to protect people is a bit backward. Most people with brains can think faster than governments can compose law. . . then again, most people can't successfully elude the police for very long. That would be the reason court dockets and jails get overloaded and the FBI's Most Wanted List doesn't grow.

If you could have no legal, spiritual, or any other repercussions for a crime against humanity, nature, etc., what would it be? I'd like something completely absurdly WRONG, like to be enforced as the patent-holder for the sleeve. Hey--just a penny for every hundred sleeves in the world. I'm not terribly greedy. What about you?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peter, Pollen, Merry.

Herr D made this caricature, calling it a
"Whatsit" Bug, on I
should be clear that its real name trans-
literates mostly to whistles. Good like-
ness, though! Its carapace is a bit thin.

It is the spring, and the young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of--ACK, I just swallowed a bug! 
. . . never wax poetical in a spring breeze wearing an EDGAR suit. Direct transfer for tasting in real time, now that's a feature I might do without on my next go-round. All sense of ecosystem seems to go out the window when talking about bugs. I've seen, relatively recently, a man with a go-green banner use it to swat a bug. The irony did not escape me.

Besides nature and company dynamics, is there another area where competition seems a bit over-the-top?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's Snot Easy To Understand

One of about a billion pictures of felines on the web. I do not 
have evidence that cultures stopped worshiping cats with the
ancient Egyptians.                                                                            

That picture is of a cat sneezing, according to the caption. I don't understand the fascination with cats, except that I do find it interesting that they hate water and apparently don't live in deserts. (?) Even more confusing is that apparently cat sneezes are amazingly cute, despite the fact that human beings find snot gross. I agree that snot is gross, of course, just don't understand the bit about how it can be cute if it comes out of a cat.

Can anyone explain that to me?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's All Greek To Me (Or Japanese?)

Plus till the jackrock hour. Photo credit to auction site.

Okay, I screwed up. Yesterday wasn't Sunday. (Do you guys like me to skip Sundays or other days?) I understand it's offensive to many people to work seven days a week, but this isn't so much work, especially if I plan out in advance. I'm pretty sure that's allowed. Believe me, it's just as easy to miscount tides as it is days. So, the question for today is, what day would you rather I skip, if any? The ones who answer get top consideration.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too Much (Information) On The Plate

I did this one MYSELF! I saw this (approximately)
near a pier in Virginia just recently. Fascinating!

I have to say first that personalized license plates are as much a mystery to me as the randomly designated ones. Where I'm from, there's a part of your family name, business affiliation, or other owner identifier, a symbol that designates parking or driving skill limitations, a part of your home's name, and a sequential number to eliminate duplication.

So, anyway, this one seemed to hold a message. A quick analysis by Shelob indicated 'bwu' to likely stand for 'be with you.'  I asked Herr D what this meant, and he said it was "a blessing invoking unity called 'shallots' to all carrots, lol." I was confused about that until Shelob reminded me that 'carrot tops' are redheads. So the driver likes redheads! Constant sunburns are bound to be bad for people, though. I would suggest using blush on your skin instead--probably better for you.

How many of you have a story about watching bemused as someone declared a preference in mates that you really didn't get? Care to share?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Right For It

Herr D said this picture originated with a simple
puzzle. His wife, 'Sunni D,' had a Medusa costume
and wanted to know what he could be to go with her.
The answer was Keith Richards or a blind snake charmer.
He was kind enough to censor out Medusa's face so none
of us would turn to stone. (Why would they sell those masks?)

I've been fascinated with several bits of related history to the fossil fuel dilemma of today. The idea that fifty thousand dinosaurs and eighty billion tons of plants rotted just so for seventy million years so that an entire industry could spring up and thousands of engineers could out-engineer the inherent problems with the internal combustion engine using those fossil fuels fighting along to the point where globally corporations and nations are fighting to maintain or upset the applecart . . . yecch.
This is one of those historically ironic things. Such a unique pickle to be in to be so dependent on such a poisonous industry. How many of you think of that as ironic? Alternately, how many of you know of such uniquely developed profession as the one depicted above?

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's PERMANENT . . .

Herr D made this on, 
titling it 'A Sudden Doubt.' I think he's 
demonstrated a valid concern . . .            

There's a lot of material on the web about tattooing. I've uncovered some fairly good reasons for tattooing. Religious icons, promises, memorials, are apparently common. There's apparently even a few people out there who tattooed their wedding rings on. Well, they wouldn't need polishing at least, right?

How many people feel as I do that they wouldn't get a tattoo simply because they'd change their minds?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Captain Obvious

Shelob? How did you trim that web address in without showing the curvy edge?

Extrapolation from original picture and study of current net. Have also made discovery of error in construction of device.

Well, that's good work--wait. What error?

Original specs referring to clamshell terminal did not reference shape, but hinging.

Ha. Oops. I forgot to mention that. I've seen regular laptops. Yeah, I knew that. Sorry.

Purpose and question.

Right! Okay, so when I uploaded this picture, I couldn't resist titling the upload, "Duh." It's my understanding that small groups of people might still be trying to assassinate your current president on account of his skin color? [wet noise translates to retching sound]

How are your people going to react to HAVING NO SKIN AT ALL? There are beings with fur, feathers, ciliae, hide, exoskeletons, crystals, scales, follicular [no translation], and if humans can't even accept each other, how are they going to accept anyone else? The odds are pretty good that if humanity makes first contact, it'll be because they're smarter than you. all humanity. 

The article below this picture talked about developing a 'cosmic consciousness' through education. I hope I'm not misreading that when I say that's an unnecessarily fancy term for conscience combined with good practical wisdom. Humanity ISN'T ready, and, I'm sorry, but education through academics is not the way.

Humanity has had classes and academia-related stuff for hundreds of years. Academia has its place, but you can't learn all knowledge and wisdom through one method. Human neurobiology isn't a one-dimensional upptake. Experiential learning is necessary at some point to cement whatever is partially learned to the full range of neural pathways necessary for optimal performance. If all humanity was autistic, it might be that only one learning method would work . . . 


Oh. Um. What would you like to say about academia? Negativity is encouraged this one time.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Picture Or Caption?

"The Two Explorers lived in the same world, but one searched below her depth while the other searched above her sky. They both found much of interest but never saw each other--and so missed finding their other selves, exactly what they would most have liked to find." --Herr D, all rights reserved, picture and words

'Miss Tiny,' as Herr D dubbed his second explorer, gave me some real laughs. Interesting that he invented makeup for her, and the anchor earring implies sort of an S & M sort of a thing, but anything that big would need a whole suit, not just a seawater-filled helmet. I mean, one bruise or scratch on a rock and her hide would explode! He's probably right about collecting vehicles, though. People collect shells . . .

So today's question is whether you like Herr D's picture or words better? I promised him I'd try to field some opinions on this. I like his words better, but I'm not all of you. So?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Heat It Up

Herr D said that this one was actually easy.
He made it on, and it IS
a very good likeness for the photo I told him
had been an oil painting!                             

This is a picture that -- uh, let's just say theoretically that you should see something like this skimming the corona of a yellow star with an atypical spectrum in a solar sailcraft traveling at about half the average planetary speed.

I want very much to hear from someone who has Seasonal Affect Disorder. I looked that up recently, and I was wondering whether taking Vitamin D really does help. I understand how UV lamps would work, but a pill or enriched milk wouldn't also irradiate and heat the skin and warm the blood to the surface. Overall, I gotta say that being irradiated while wearing less sounds more fun, especially if done in mixed company. Personally, I really don't mind the dark--doesn't depress me at all; I'd just miss color after a while.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lots Of Hot Air

Image copied from tourism site. Apparently windmills used to
be as common as mill wheels in some countries. Maybe more.

I haven't gotten any responses on why reverse wave machines wouldn't be good generators. I got an e-mail from an organization called a neighborhood association member that claimed he wasn't allowed to put solar panels or wind collectors on his property. I -- don't know whether that's true or not. Are there really, and, let me quote this: "busybodies who claim some stupid traditional plan is more important than the ecology" (?)

I realize that people like their neighborhoods to look certain ways, but how important is that exactly? I've always found bricks ugly, but I wouldn't try to tell my neighbors they couldn't have any brick pavestones or barbecues. Most yards look ugly, too. I hate grass. I can't picture anyone deliberately choosing  grass over morning glories. Pretty flowers you don't have to mow?   Good thing I don't need to worry about that.

How much say do you think everyone should have over their neighbors' properties?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Been Mooned

No credit information on this photo either. Found through the site on the subject of Apollo's anniversary. People
still do lunar cycle theater, apparently.                                          

So I went looking at this other blogger's site? He was all about 'renewable energy,' which, as a phrase, seems very wrong. You guys want to cull and collect non-expiring, or present energy. Because it's present, as in here rather than buried underground, and because it's present, as in it's practically gift-wrapped.

While I was looking at his site, I was struck by something odd. He kept referring to wind and solar power. To my knowledge, all that still depends on weather and technology, that (I'm sorry, but) sounds like isn't your most advanced, efficient tech benefiting from billions in R & D.

Now I know more could be done with those, but isn't there something a little more direct? The wind is erratic except in certain places where people don't live as much. The sun is always on, sure, but it's so far away that clouds can ruin your amounts. You know what's closer than the sun, always on, not so erratic, not so affected by weather, and always causes energy output where people already are?

The moon doesn't need photoelectric panels or a cloudless day to provide a massive, steady output of 'renewable' energy that doesn't ever shut off all up and down every shoreline on Earth. They're called tides.

I'm not an avid researcher, but I do know that there are places along every shoreline that don't make scenic beaches, safe swimming, great fishing holes, boat piers, etc. I also know that various water parks have machines that make waves. I also know that underemployment is so bad in America right now that three mechanical engineers worked in Home Depots in the northern Virginia area as recently as a year ago, and one good employee in particular stayed unemployed despite his best efforts.

So, why doesn't someone tell me why reverse wave machines wouldn't make good generators, and why no one appears to be building them under every big dock in America? I'm only guessing that there is a certain minimum and maximum size for efficiency, that there is a way to make them reversible, perhaps even 'self-ruddering' to account for erosion, and that there are five thousand ways to do it very badly wrong.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Great Legs, Too!

I cannot BELIEVE that nobody knew there were squid over 7
meters long until just a few years ago. I mean, really, that's not
as silly as not knowing there were primates bigger than man till
a few hundred years ago, but COME ON! No wonder NASA 
hasn't found any -- uh -- anything --  PLANET's not done yet.

Look at THIS one. Recently discovered, and expanding the weight class yet again, a beauteous femme over 7 meters long. Man, could THOSE arms give a hug! YOWZA! Nice shades of salmon to mauve too . . . 

I like big SUCKERS and I cannot lie,
And a MASSIVE milky eye!
When the other squid tell you why
Their tentacles flutter on by--
They all stop to think
And get left in the ink
As I make 'er say "Me oh--

Mute enthusiasm. Question?

--oh, all right.
I've done a bit of research on underwater tourism recently, and I guess it's fair that you all would be looking downwards to lower your crowding-- How many of you would live in underwater condos if the life was there for you? I found it FASCINATING to live briefly in a few places I couldn't have survived naturally, but didn't wish to settle there for long.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Good Times

Herr D made this on  I don't think
I understood his explanation at all, but it's a nice one.

I FINALLY figured out what was going on the other night with those drunk hu-uh . . . those drunk hombres. One of them had hidden a piece of jewelry in the odd eggs and the others had tossed the basket in the water near my home. Now that they helped him find it, he's not spending as much time with them. Cultural attachments to birds is something I don't know much about. They said he's apparently getting laid with the eggs. While metaphorically that sounds intimate, I'm pretty sure bestiality and pseudo-Freudian drama with other species is not what they meant. And they're drinking MORE.

Metaphor suggests alternate meani--[ERROR]

Wha--? Oh, Shelob! Silt in your conduits AGAIN?! Oh, those guys are stirring up the place again. Oh, well. Today's question is about those unexpected happy moments. The picture above represents a cute scene. I really liked seeing all that litter pulled up. How about you?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hand - Eye Coordination

The guy who found this actually thought it was a squid eye.
(Herr D was kind enough to offer a cut-paste, credit to
Florida Wildlife Commission, CNN, etc.)                      
Finding an eye in the water while fishing must be odd to some people. I personally like hanging tires and old shoes on the hooks. --I mean, really--those things don't belong in the water. I'd have been moderately horrified if it'd been a squid eye because I identify strongly with the multi-limbed, but it was just a swordfish eye. Not to be obvious, but swordfish are pricks.

Who do you have a surprising affinity or lack of sympathy for?