Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crime Doesn't Pay, But I Hear The Hours Are Nice?

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I didn't get this at first. The joke goes that two guys were found in a dumpster, their heads tied together, shot through the hands. Sort of a dyslexic mafia. I am a bit confused about this mafia thing, anyway.

From the complaints I've seen on the web, there are so many legal ways to lie, cheat, and steal, that no one should need to be a criminal if they have any brains. It's my understanding now that if you just stick to those LEGAL unethical things, that the law has to leave you alone. I did glean that 'loopholes close,' but expecting law to protect people is a bit backward. Most people with brains can think faster than governments can compose law. . . then again, most people can't successfully elude the police for very long. That would be the reason court dockets and jails get overloaded and the FBI's Most Wanted List doesn't grow.

If you could have no legal, spiritual, or any other repercussions for a crime against humanity, nature, etc., what would it be? I'd like something completely absurdly WRONG, like to be enforced as the patent-holder for the sleeve. Hey--just a penny for every hundred sleeves in the world. I'm not terribly greedy. What about you?

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