Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too Much (Information) On The Plate

I did this one MYSELF! I saw this (approximately)
near a pier in Virginia just recently. Fascinating!

I have to say first that personalized license plates are as much a mystery to me as the randomly designated ones. Where I'm from, there's a part of your family name, business affiliation, or other owner identifier, a symbol that designates parking or driving skill limitations, a part of your home's name, and a sequential number to eliminate duplication.

So, anyway, this one seemed to hold a message. A quick analysis by Shelob indicated 'bwu' to likely stand for 'be with you.'  I asked Herr D what this meant, and he said it was "a blessing invoking unity called 'shallots' to all carrots, lol." I was confused about that until Shelob reminded me that 'carrot tops' are redheads. So the driver likes redheads! Constant sunburns are bound to be bad for people, though. I would suggest using blush on your skin instead--probably better for you.

How many of you have a story about watching bemused as someone declared a preference in mates that you really didn't get? Care to share?

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