Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's A Jerry Holiday With Molly

Herr D designed this on heromachine.com. He 
titled it "Slightly Deaf Maude Makes A Good Pre-
diction" and reserves all rights to it. I feel this old.

Okay, I did it again. Rather than risk miscounting tides again, I used my periscope to check out the driveway of my closest neighbor. She's the one the guy, who I'll call Jerry for now, put a piece of jewelry in a plastic simulated bird egg for. She goes to work every weekday, not like Jerry, who works when people want his boat. But then comes a holiday. Memorial Day. Which I had completely wrong.

I thought that was celebrating memory. As in 'we're young and don't have dementia yet.' Honoring people who died for your country is a perfectly understandable reason for a holiday. I can appreciate that.


Right. How many of you have trouble keeping up with holidays and why? I always did. Even when I knew more about the culture's history behind them.

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