Saturday, May 10, 2014

Captain Obvious

Shelob? How did you trim that web address in without showing the curvy edge?

Extrapolation from original picture and study of current net. Have also made discovery of error in construction of device.

Well, that's good work--wait. What error?

Original specs referring to clamshell terminal did not reference shape, but hinging.

Ha. Oops. I forgot to mention that. I've seen regular laptops. Yeah, I knew that. Sorry.

Purpose and question.

Right! Okay, so when I uploaded this picture, I couldn't resist titling the upload, "Duh." It's my understanding that small groups of people might still be trying to assassinate your current president on account of his skin color? [wet noise translates to retching sound]

How are your people going to react to HAVING NO SKIN AT ALL? There are beings with fur, feathers, ciliae, hide, exoskeletons, crystals, scales, follicular [no translation], and if humans can't even accept each other, how are they going to accept anyone else? The odds are pretty good that if humanity makes first contact, it'll be because they're smarter than you. all humanity. 

The article below this picture talked about developing a 'cosmic consciousness' through education. I hope I'm not misreading that when I say that's an unnecessarily fancy term for conscience combined with good practical wisdom. Humanity ISN'T ready, and, I'm sorry, but education through academics is not the way.

Humanity has had classes and academia-related stuff for hundreds of years. Academia has its place, but you can't learn all knowledge and wisdom through one method. Human neurobiology isn't a one-dimensional upptake. Experiential learning is necessary at some point to cement whatever is partially learned to the full range of neural pathways necessary for optimal performance. If all humanity was autistic, it might be that only one learning method would work . . . 


Oh. Um. What would you like to say about academia? Negativity is encouraged this one time.

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