Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Play Me A New Nebula, Sam

Herr D,, all rights reserved. 
One of the things Herr D asked me about on realizing my -uh- immigration status, was whether I believed in angels. Apparently there's some theological sticking point over how separate servitors / apparatuses / appendages are from the creator in question. I told him it didn't really matter to me whether supernatural delegation takes place or not, just so the work gets done. I'm still not sure whether he appreciates that point of view . . .

This question is for all the atheists and agnostics out there. Does the idea of angels make the existence of a supreme being more or less believable-sounding? I am really not sure what I would answer . . .

Anyhow, Herr D etched this concept first on a plate, which the salesperson told him couldn't be engraved or etched. He explained to me that an angel-themed composition should have an impossible history behind it. I must say: I agree.

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