Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Parrot Committed Mutiny, Again

Herr D developed this on for a specific contest.
I think it tells a pretty good story without any explanation at all.
Have you noticed that perhaps people in charge sometimes seem like maybe they shouldn't be allowed to breathe on their own because they'd likely mess that up too? Maybe like levels of authority should be completely reversed once in a while? This might be obvious, but when people revolt against the system, it's because the system's pretty revolting.

This nation was the first to develop such a guarantee that all future revolutions would be bloodless if people just kept the revolutionary process going. A worthy accomplishment. How is it though, that Americans blame their leaders for the economy? This being a capitalistic society, isn't the economy caused by what the businesses do? I mean really, the government bailout cleaned up a mess caused by businesses, right?

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