Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boning Up

Herr D,, rights reserved as usual.
This one caught my eye because of the vertebral wings.
Such developments are even more rare than skulls thin-
ner than the eyes able to see out both sides. --Hairy    
When people say "I've a bone to pick with you," they supposedly mean there's a disagreement. That makes no sense at all. Why would you deliberately share a drumstick with someone you're arguing with?

I mean, forget about the same bones, I'm thinking more likely separate bones, bowls, CHECKS, etc. It would make more sense if you said, "I've a bone to pick FROM you." Now that would be a point of contention. And it would make more sense, because people who are too tired of fighting are sometimes referred to as "spineless." (Don't worry, I'm not offended.)


Doh! I need to charge Shelob's case again. I knew he was too worked up yesterday.

ddD-- before.

What? Tell me later, Shelob. [wet clicking noises] There, that's better. Um. Question. Oh--does it strike anyone as strange that no one to this day has managed to take nuclear waste from fission plants and use it in fusion? I mean, that's kind of the point of recycling most of the time . . . Okay, let me rephrase. Why HASN'T anyone?

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