Friday, July 4, 2014


I didn't contact Herr D before he had to sleep--so
I did this one. "Joe" is throwing his old ball over
the sun. See below for explanation.-Hairy Deewon
Shelob pointed out to me something I should spend a little time on. Certain aphorisms need to be revised, revoked, or redone instead of being reused and recycled. For example, there's this saying:

"There's nothing new under the sun."

This saying has irrefutably been wrong ONCE. I have to give it good odds that it's wrong often, if not usually. How am I so sure? WE ARE NOT UNDER THE SUN. We orbit around it.

Therefore, as new understandings and new discoveries are things, we have outdated that aphorism by understanding more about the sun not actually being 'above' us. I would love to be provided with more examples

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