Monday, July 21, 2014

I KNEW There Was A Reason--

--that I identified with Herr D! Maybe it's just his sense of humor, but:

On a recent trip to the zoo, my young were tired and inexplicably went straight to the fence between the main thoroughfare and the biggest restaurant. My littlest started holding the fence and playing "lean back, jerk, let go, grab" while my oldest started staring down at the diners, fascinatedly for no apparent reason. Three tables full of diners looked up at her, as if to say "What are YOU looking at?"
I nudged my littlest and said, "It's feeding time here at the HUMAN enclosure. Do you remember what they look like from last time?"
My littlest shook her head and said, "No, Daddy."
I nodded as gravely as I could. "Well, you ARE new at this."
One guy laughed. He wasn't at the tables. He was far enough I hadn't thought he could hear me. 
Oh, well.

I wasn't there but wish I had been. What's your most recent moment where you wished you'd seen something in person?

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