Friday, July 18, 2014

Same Bones In The Sand, New Angle

Today I'm doing something unusual. I'm deliberately twisting someone's picture around and taking it out of context.

You mean, 'twisting someone's WORDS around and taking THEM out of context.'

No, Shelob, I meant what I said. Are you stuck in aphorism correction mode?

Possibly. Diagnostics beginning.

Yeah, okay; you do that. So Herr D made this picture over a year ago, but he had it turned clockwise from this way.

Herr D titled this one 'Atlantean Citizen' in its original form. Volcanoes! What can you do, right?--Hairy Deewon.
In this form, it might be titled: 'Person who insisted on right to live where he wanted in middle east.' I can't even imagine loving desert, let alone believing I had to live there.

Some of you know my living preferences--What are yours? Comment below.

Analysis complete. Translation correct, merely non-standard use. Pictures ROTATED not twisted.

Do you twist AI's?

No. AI software, like myself, non-corporeal. Code may be scramb--

Yeah, yeah, okay. [rolls two eyes] Remind me later to work on subroutines for analyzing sarcasm.

Troublesome emotional state?

What? Yes. I really wish I had something more useful to say to soldiers and civilians caught up in war. Herr D had a point yesterday. I DO want to help. I might be able to talk some sense into a war-choosing world leader, but I can't even get anyone to comment here at all. I don't feel good about that.

Hairy not responsible for pre-adolescent background.

Whose background?

Hairy's. Culture completely uninvolved in war for twenty standard lifespans. Last incident not helpful.

Yeah. Dousing both ambassadors with ink in the middle of them declaring war was only so helpful. After they stopped laughing at our representative, they still fought it. Over a billion dead per side. Gramps reportedly never emerged from his depression. We just don't understand war.

So, study it or new topic?

[translates to startled exclamation] --I'm getting counseling from my AI. I'm going for a swim, Shelob. Thanks. [swims out]

[Shelob examines discarded neural link, switches off--

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