Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Thrown For A Loop"

Herr D altered one of these Heromachine originals for context. Far from being just funny, this piece actually demonstrates how easy it is to use the site for people who have no drawing talent. The site is essentially an
electronic form of a paper doll. Remarkable versatility--I dearly hope that the program, and the encouraging
community that Hebert, developer, built around it, don't turn out to be humankind's greatest achievement.--HD
Shelob uncovered several sources of the original meaning of this particular aphorism. They disagree just enough that I'm using it as part of the proof I'm submitting to Universal Biologic that humanity does not have a racial memory.

Pyramids and hot chocolate still tied for second place?

Yes. Although the pyramids are probably falling to third. Anything that smells and tastes so good that a sane, sentient sea creature would give itself a second degree burn just to get more and then drink even more--

Check for agreement in human population?

Hey . . . not bad! What do each of YOU think is humanity's greatest achievement?

That was good, Shelob! I might ask you to plan mor--[soft hiss denoting egress from transmission unit, electronic bonging denoting automatic 'sleep' function immin--

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