Thursday, August 21, 2014

Miss Ouri Ferguson's Feed

Have uncovered new issue. Please begin blog on this info. [turns on 'fast-forward' newsfeed]

Gah! How long has this been going on? Nevermind. I'll go look for a graphic while I process this--



Comparative phraseology passed cross-check. Presenting now.

Herr D,, rights reserved.
Titled 'MISprofiled,' thus relevant to this.
Uh. I can't see the relevance yet, but we'll worry about that later. I'm looking at the feeds from a journalist named Miss Ouri Ferguson. This is all messed up. So, if I understand correctly, a man got shot, the policeman who shot him is under review, lots of people are angry. Some of the people aren't so angry as stupid. The police are being picked on even though most of them had nothing to do with the shooting.
[35 seconds pass]
After a quick review, there are obviously a couple of things worth saying. I don't know whether maybe some stupid bureaucratic reason exists for not doing the obvious, but maybe during daylight hours, the local police should hand out water to the peaceful protesters who stay where they're supposed to. Obviously the looters need to go to jail AND do a lot of community service. Like in the community they helped endanger. Looters who take advantage of situations like this make the protesters look like they have nothing to complain about, like maybe they were a paid diversion for a bunch of penny-ante criminals. I hope the serious protesters are big enough to ostracize the looters.

Back to the water issue? It's August. People get hot chanting and marching during the day. The police should get as much chance to interact with the people who DESERVE to be heard as possible. It won't make up for being picked on, but it will help balance their worldview and help them stay fair.

Now about those who DON'T deserve to be heard? You're making everyone look bad. You're making things worse. You're making it look like police DO need to crack down. In Virginia, people constantly get arrested for 'disturbing the peace.' I GUARANTEE YOU. IF YOU KEEP THIS UP, EVERYONE WILL ASSUME THE YOUNG MAN DESERVED TO BE SHOT BASED ON YOUR BEHAVIOR. If, on the other hand, you shame everyone by quietly holding signs and being so wise and peaceable, everyone will be more likely to assume that the young man was more like that. Then there's the--

You have not addressed the race issue.

What race? Was there a marathon bombed there too?

No longer on 'destroy aphorism' mode. Race apparently means skin color.

[neuralink burst: civil rights footage from 1960's]

[stunned silence]
Serling did say I should watch the news when I visited. So, what, if you have pale skin, don't be seen by the police after visiting a tanning bed? You might get shot too? Do pale-skinned people not get shot?

[twelve seconds pass] Police records indicate pale-skinned people, referred to as Caucasians, do get shot. Protests have also occurred in those circumstances, just usually not deemed newsworthy. Outcry apparently based on idea that more dark-skinned people are shot.

I get the feeling maybe I'm missing the point here. Isn't the one police officer, the one who shot someone already under review? His career, if I understand, may never be the same even if he's exonerated and the guy he shot turns out to be an Isis member or holding a stolen diamond. His family will suffer. He might be punished more than just being unpaid for six months. He could serve time. Wait for the verdict before hating on his whole department?
If I had a family member, and that family member turned to crime, I might have a small twinge of pride if he refused to go to jail and leech away taxpayer dollars by getting 'justifiably' killed when he failed to get away. Criminals get put in jail like animals in a cage. In the purest sense, that means they are not only defeated, but have to earn back their humanity and society. Someone who dies rather than go to jail might have been defeated, but is never pathetic.

Now. There's one item that is very wrong. A policeman on the news had urine thrown on him, had a BB gun brandished at him, and got suspended for cursing. There's just one thing to say to that: @#$%^&*!

Everyone in that unruly crowd owes his family a home-cooked meal. The cowardly punishment he was given is an example of bureaucratic stupidity. There could not have been anyone 'too young to hear that' present, or they would need to be rescued by social services for being allowed to be there. That police officer did nothing wrong, should be commended for recognizing a BB gun and reacting correctly, and quite clearly was subject to the same level of bias the police are being accused of. "He's wearing a uniform; he must shoot people when they might not deserve it!" I mean, come on! If you're the victim of bias, you won't cause it to stop by victimizing others. The guy with the BB gun needs to grow a brain or go home.

Anyone throwing urine? You know who does that? Monkeys. I am a bit of a specist. I admit it. If someone IS no more than a monkey throwing urine, well, shooting the monkey is forgivable, because that urine could contain a fatal disease. Maybe the humans around you know how to act. At least try not to get them shot.

[disgusted sound, disconnect]

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