Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pop Tart Drop Art, Send 'Em The Truth By Remote

[in process of sifting plankton] Yah, Shelob. Nothing on the newsfeeds critical, right?

Journalist reported to have lost head to Isis.

They all do that. Every crisis, they start screaming--

He will not scream again. Preparing graphic.


News indicates lost head. Mortal wound to humans.

WHAT?! [covers all five eyes with three tentacles] Shelob? Are you still on 'destroy aphorism' mode?


--you mean those morons decapitated, or murdered someone?


[retching noises] Yuck. How did they get an American soldier? They're still too far out.


OHHH. So they don't want the TRUTH to come out. Not a big shocker, really. Sad, tragic even, but not so surprising. Shelob? Don't make a graphic. Yours aren't very good. Hang on.
[hour passes]
Herr D,, rights reserved.
Hey, so I reached Herr D for a rush job. He balked at a copyrighted name so I'll put it in the title here. I'm going to encourage anyone who'd like to start another Radio Free program. They fight wars with drones, now, right? Why not send remote control journalists, too? Air drop some radios in with solar batteries. Maybe hearing enough truth will help somehow. Good luck everyone.

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