Thursday, September 18, 2014

I REALLY Wish I Could Help . . .

"Gargoyle Revenge" by Herr D. Produced on
Rights reserved.  He says the picture I asked for won't be ready
for a couple of days. ---Hairy Deewon                                        
There are times when most hu people have the urge to act inappropriately, take revenge, etc. When my speci  uh, family and friends were faced with opposition too stupid, too stubborn, too insane / ignorant, too adrenaline-crazed with their own rutting, too enraged by personal tragedy, etc. . . .  we mechanized our defense so we didn't have to be personally involved in the violence.

One of your ancestor's obits explains that he forgot to turn it off and impersonated an 'attacker.'

Well, yeah. We have a lot of short-term memory problems. Tragedies happen.

I would never advocate violence out of anything but necessity. You guys aren't able to park America in high orbit until ISIL gets themselves killed, and they aren't smart enough to listen to reason. I'm just hoping that whatever you do, you don't punish those who handle it for you or botch it somehow.

Can you 'suggest' some additional IQ points or elementary reasoning about non-violence?

No. Brains have to be functioning WELL for me to influence it. I'm out of this.

I'm very sorry that I cannot help.

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