Friday, October 24, 2014

501c3's, Fees, Fools, Forms, Foibles, And Flabbergastion--Flabbergasticals?

--I'm just flabbergasted. I can't believe it. This controversy in California? It's ridiculous. It SOUNDS like a big deal, but--

Please reiterate. Interference from time jump confluence waning now.

--it's not the same thing! What?

Please repeat.

Oh. Several clergy are up in arms as well as certain businesses.


Haven't you screened those newsfeeds, Shelob? Lawmakers in California snuck something through that means that churches have to insure their workers for abortions.

NO ONE is saying they have to HAVE abortions. They have to pay the same premiums, use the same plans, etc. Shelob? Research. How much is an abortion?

[sixteen seconds pass] Depending on specifics unavailable to the public, abortions may cost as low as $115.00 for qualifying individuals. Certain rare cases may be $10,000 if done in a hospital. Apparently they usually range from $300 to $700.

How much is a birth?

[sixteen seconds pass] Data sources less conclusive. Rare occasions have midwifery accomplished for free. Certain specialized NICUs run over one million dollars per child, including medevac and isolette. Apparently usual range is $4000 to $6000.

Yeah. So, yet again, ongoing life is more expensive than death. Woo hoo. [sarcastic victory undulation]

So, this is a problem?

Yes, it's a problem! Clergy are acting like this is a moral issue when it's about MONEY. It's BOUND to cost more to insure people who can't have a cheaper procedure than it is to insure people who DON'T HAVE THE OPTION.

Clergy do not wish their workers to pay less money?

[sudden stillness, all five eyes blink three times] Shelob? Find out how much the premiums differ and how much they'll go up. Do an -uh- amortization.

Differential payment schedule for multiple plans?

Yeah. Include putting up for adoption. I'm gonna go try to reach Herr D.

[ . . . three and a half hours later . . . ]

--ood luck with that, man; and thanks! [disconnect from hacknet device] SHELOB? What've you got?

Answers do not compute. Insurance is not logical.

Yeah--Herr D was just telling me about that. He says I was far too light on Obama's critics because if Obama had been allowed, he would have changed a lot more than he did. That things were horrible before, and that the new system just isn't UN-broken enough. . . . So, you don't have a good answer?

Data too obscured and incomplete for meaningful answer at this time. It does appear that the insurance industry needs more work.

Well, okay. I have to assume that if not now, that SOMEDAY people will pay lesser premiums for less expensive procedures. At some point, clergy will have to rely on their own people to take charge of their own souls and any souls that may exist and be dependents and fire their people if they discover hypocrisy.that they can't live with.

Take the following example: Suppose a church exists that believes that there is an angel out there whose sole purpose is to occasionally slip an 18-point card into a deck of cards. It might sound stupid to some of us, but belief IS more important than money to many people. This belief could affect their behavior at the blackjack table.

'Blackjack Believer' custom-made by Herr D on See what I mean?--Hairy       
So, if people are gonna gamble, they'll just need to take their beliefs into account, right?

Is gambling here a metaphor for sex?

It is. Personally, if I ran a church, I wouldn't look forward to discouraging people from sex. I like people around me to be in a good mood!

Herr D also assured me that it is perfectly legal and reasonably common for organizations to have employees sign a piece of paper saying that they won't act in certain ways if they want to keep their jobs. Let them print up some of those forms!

And on TOP of all this, Herr D said he saw a bunch of picketers this morning with signs that said 'If you want to keep your doctor, change your senator.' He had this to say:

I guess people have forgot. I couldn't keep my doctor BEFORE Obamacare. The insurance industry has been so screwed up for so long that my empoyers would switch plans sometimes YEARLY just to try to keep from paying too much money and to deal with employee complaints about how awful al of it was. I'm tired of people acting like it's worse now.

He is obviously tired. He's making typos and grammatical errors. I'm going for a nap too. [disconnect]

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