Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's A Cold Shot

[hideous slurping sounds, massive belch] Hey, Shelob! Why has the street been so empty today? I just got this periscope working, and there's nothing to look at!

Weather turned cold. People are warm-blooded. There is an adjustment period for cold weather behaviors and acclimatization.

Awh, man!

Observe recorded behavior of homeless man 2 hours, 42.5 minutes ago. [neuralink burst]

Oh, yeah. Huddling in doorway alcoves, stuffing newspaper in between clothing layers--looks terribly uncomfortable.

You expressed a wish to help him.

Yes. That wind looks REALLY dry. I mean cold. Obviously it wasn't any fun. Did you do the refraction thing I mentioned?

Experiment a success. Ambient temperature in his alcove rose seven degrees with similar volume of air lowering seven degrees in adjacent alcove.

Okay. Wow, outside is boring. [boosts speed on neuralink for seven seconds] Yikes. Shelob? Did we beta-test this summation software?

Proven accurate.

HEY! This is illegal! Call the FCC!

You plan to contact authorities again? Last time we were nearly successfully traced.

All right. Well, have a look!

CNN and Fox News do disagree.

Thirty-seven instances this month of Fox News saying Obama isn't doing something contrasted with CNN pointing out that Obama IS doing that same something or already has and just didn't warn everyone he was still doing his job.

And both stations claim they're presenting fact. [disgusted rapid gill uptake, similar to snort--disconnect]

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