Thursday, November 13, 2014

Occasional Misunderstanding

[humming quietly to self] Hey, Shelob?


I'm really glad people shaped up over the last couple of days.

How so?

The science guys made another milestone. Comet analysis is an important step for a spacefaring race, after all. Then there's the little girl, Megan? I think her name was Megan. She took the high ground with a protest--nothing more disruptive than making better choices. Bring your own day. Good work, kid! Then there was the waitress who brought me a free dessert.

Your foray was successful.

Yes! ['victory dance' with six tentacles]

What happened?

I happened by one of those cafe-type places. I saw a waitress. She looked really glum until I bowed to her. Then she brightened right up.

Why bow?

She asked me the same thing, and I just pointed out the sign she'd missed. It said, "Honor those who serve!" She laughed at the sign and brought me a free donut.

That sign was about Veteran's Day.

[twisting motion around gills] What? Ohhh. Well, at least the talking heads didn't say anything as stupid as they normally do.

I recorded a different channel. 


That was a 'square dance.'

Well . . . no one was stupidly criticizing the leader, though no one seemed to finish without making a mistake.

He's called a 'caller,' and it's considered part of the fun. You requested a cultural input.

I meant plankton BACTERIA culture! [groan] It's close enough to yogurt I could maybe make some for a neighbor. [starts rattling bins, disconnect]

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