Thursday, November 20, 2014

Solution Set Seemingly So Simple, Select Soothsayers Sensibly

[rhythmic indeterminate clanging noises] Hey, Shelob? Why is the oxygen level in the water lower than normal?

Pollutants have collected in this sector as colder tides swirl around it.

Moderate stagnation? Yeesh. Drop our temperature to match. Aren't we supposed to do that anyway?

Thermal output of equipment less than a similar volume of squid or octopi.

You mean, as if I had a mate.

A brother.

Right, 'cause I'd be FOGGIN' UP THE PLACE.

You have declared this before. Swirling caused by shape of silt on bottom.

How much of that did we cause?

None. Area picked for present capacity.

Oh. So we'll improve things by interfering? Put together that new fan and disrupt the swirl. Gimme some wildlife to swim around. I should have pets.

[two-eye bulge, remembering something] HEY! I've got a blog topic for today!

"We CAN We WILL We MUST" by Herr D,
made on Neat! --Hairy

 I like this theme of dealing with crises. How many people can see through crises to the solution? How do you identify those people? Are they the same people who know how to PREVENT crises and why or why not?

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