Friday, December 5, 2014

Bulletin For Hairy, Please--Check Your Neuralink

[various electronic noises dampened by underwater pulsing sound]

Bulletin for Hairy, please.

Medbot record indicates resalination tank close to expiration. Oxygen narcosis potential danger, along with explosive depressurization. Setting adjustments: half the pressure every 7. 15 minutes till approximate equalization. Carbonate water for full effect. Use displacement silicon tube only if experiencing tremors.

This is Shelob. If 'fans' wish to help, please, on seeing unfamiliar brown-eyed, brown-haired person, whisper "Check your neuralink, Hairy." If they ask you, "What?" or "What did you say?"  say "Nothing." If inquiry persists, say "I was trying to remember something someone said to me earlier." Avoid people who have shoulder holster bulges, very short haircuts, and a stern demeanor when performing this errand. Do not make these attempts in airports or inside federal security cordons. 

Hairy may have bartered for or earned train or bus tickets to any major city on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Please do not comment if you find him. Auto-blog to continue next arbitrary calendar period as scheduled. [disconnect]

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