Sunday, December 21, 2014

Goaled Frankliness and Mermaids

[steady gill-snoring interrupted as one green eye flutters open] Shshelob?

Here. Do you require medbot?

No-oo. [three tentacles flutter to eyes] Gotta blog--isss time. Turn it on.


Hello. This is Hairy. I hope you liked the fiction Shelob has been posting. I'm back. Just very tired. [a blue eye pops open, then another green] I've been meaning to send Shelob streaming back through to make it clearer [gill stretch--approximate equivalent to yawn] that it was fiction . . .

Shelob? What did I blog on Thursday?

You criticized content.

That's all? What did I have scheduled for today?


How did the magnetics wipe my portable? I thought we insulated for that.

You do not normally blog on Saturday or Sunday.

This isn't Friday?

Average blog time Friday was approximately 61 hours ago.

[remaining two eyes snap open, all five eyes bug out a bit, various sputtering noises] K-! W-! [something untranslatable] !@#$%^&*(!! You let me sleep for THREE DAYS!!

2.5 days, plus less than 1 hour.

[more sputtering] You KNEW I was supposed to blog on Friday. Why didn't you wake me?

Medbot said rest imperative. Allocated power for free viruscides.

[snort] Regular Norton would be useless to you, Shelob. You naturally fix stuff like that all the time.

True, but it demonstrated mandate's importance.

Yeah. Huh. Okay. If I go turn medbot back on and get checked out, will you post something about the importance of rest and accommodation of disrupted schedules on the holidays? And request people comment on how they deal with those disruptions?

Yes. [disconnect]

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