Monday, December 22, 2014

We Freakings Of Alien Star Come To You With Plankton-Rich Farm

[bone-deep scraping noise, wet flapping noise] Shelob? I've got a good idea for Monday's blog topic.


[all five pupils dilate] Today's Monday?! Wow. Okay . . . So today's topic is Unusual Physical Exertion. Along with holiday disruption of biorhythms regarding sleeping and eating, holidays require different levels of physical exertion. Unfortunately, the level of physical exertion required for injury stays about the same.

Is that the frame for the new plankton sifter at the edge of the lair?

Um. Yes.

Is that the plankton draw machine inside the edge of the lair?


Is that alarm on medbot about the swelling in your smallest red tentacle?

[exasperated gill flutter] YES.

You have successfully demonstrated today's topic.

Really? Y-[disconnect]

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