Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Assorted Sordid Sworded

[gill snore, snort, during accidental activation of blog function]

. . .  Dah! . . .

[scramble with neuralink, sixteen seconds of silence] Okay--sorry. Must have overslept. Twosday's blog topic is violence. I just got news about the infamous ISIL beheader being found beheaded.

Isn't that a Bible verse? 'Live for the sordid, die by the sordid?' Or something like that? No one should be surprised. That's the first rule of assassinations, after all, right? Kill the assassins?

Generally speaking, if you go around causing people to hate you by any means other than the truth, people will harm you. If you make people hate you WITH the truth, only the stupid or crazy people will be out to get you. [sharp gill intake] . . . uh . . . [three tentacles start rummaging through medbot stores for antipsychotics while one brown eye starts reading up on 'weaponizing chemicals through aerosol means']

There's . . .  probably nothing to be done about stupid people--intelligence requires motivation to cultivate, maintain, and use. It's very fragile. Anybody have an idea about encouraging intelligence cultivation?


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