Friday, January 30, 2015

Cons To Points-Hitter

-n point. [major shudder]

Perhaps you could explain on the blog.

What? Oh, yeah. Turn the blog function on.


So these Taliban Five that were just recently released were not an R&B group, as I'd hoped. I'm sorry for misleading anyone with that entry.

[.00094 seconds pass] You did not blog on this before.

Oh. Nevermind about that, then. So this one guy, a master terrorist, gets caught making a phone call? What was he really doing? Testing to see how fast we knew? Running a diversion? These five guys running around free that we could catch making a phone call, did we implant a GPS tracker chip under their skin? There's always some irritating person releasing GPS-tagged creatures into the sea.

There are  pundits jumping up and down declaring they don't appreciate what's happening. I wouldn't be too sure any of them actually KNOW what's going on, though. They can't even quote public figures in our OWN country with any accuracy or within context. I've got to encourage you all to listen to them and decide that two-thirds of it is just wrong enough that you shouldn't have listened to it at all.

Here's a question for you: what's your favorite news gaffe? Anything told wrong that you caught?


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