Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Numbers United, Number One

[laughter, flapping gills] Yep, he won both of his. Okay, always good to have a message of hope. Good State of Union address, man. I find it interesting that the statistics a news source say you had wrong they had more wrong than you--contextually. How can you be blamed for the downward spiral you pulled us out of?

I mean--let's face it. EVERYONE INVOLVED  has their numbers wrong, but when, with a casual read, people can tell the numbers are misapplied? Ah, well.

Shelob counted the social media traffic and HIS numbers didn't match what the news stations got. It was probably a time-index problem since his numbers are collected faster but in surges allowing for response time and known delays based on server issues and hardware differences and known server profiles that indicate unusually slow or fast input.

And power surges and cache overloads and software faults, including transcription errors.

Right! All in all, this is what I expected but for one thing. The talkback. J. Ernst's speech? Only some of it was pandering balderdash . . . she didn't deserve such low numbers the WHOLE time. Some of what she said was perfectly sensible. Even the poorly hidden snarks. Her opinion would seem intelligent, too, if she'd had an intelligent speechwriter. Lawyers make good presidents.

Good that his optimism is officially intact. I for one will be glad when people of any color combination, including three primary colors dispersed through the body, will be equally treated by everyone.

Well, that's not true. I'm an individual, and every individual has to believe that they themselves are more equal than others!

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