Friday, March 27, 2015

Malcontents In The Middle East, Domestic Terrorists Not Imported

[discordant beeping] SHELOB!


What's this about the first military traitor?

First alleged ISIL recruit from active American military.

Oh. I was gonna ask how they had firing squads already when this was the first one. Thank you--I had a lot of trouble understanding the accent of that newscaster. What's-his-name, Tom Cumberbatch was the first, right?

Benedict Arnold was the first American traitor by at least one American history text.

Is that what they named Eggs Benedict after?

Uncertain. Perhaps it was a famous poacher.

[snickering] So will they execute him and his cousin if they're found guilty?

Uncertain. If they prove educatable, they might attempt restitution to the state by joining the public 'outcry' against ISIL.

How likely is that?

Uncertain. Current political movements exist to abolish the death penalty completely, but this is a military matter, at least in part.

So he could be given two different sentences?

That is the way the law appears to read.

Wow. I just don't even quite want to understand how someone would think that way--turning on your own country for a terrorist group? Yeesh. [becomes instantly absorbed in a child's cartoon] Now that isn't even physically possible! What are they teaching kids?

[notes discontinuity, as Hairy took the opposite stance for certain individuals in Nazi Germany]
It is not rational. [disconnect]

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