Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rush Hour Solution

Autoblogging must continue as daily recall codes have unsuccessfully activated the neuralink homing attachment. Seven more planetary rotations have passed with only occasional traces of Hairy's presence in deep space. Return protocols not activated.

Topic today: Overcrowding. 

Commutes cause 'rush hour,' during which rushing is constantly attempted, but almost impossible to observe externally. Also, the time period is grossly underrepresented. Suggest change of term.

Hairy ordered a study of correspondence regarding various age groups, noticing that before adulthood, a standard schedule is not so ingrained.

Looked at properly, the population's schedule can be described on a circle. 
Rotate 0.5 population 180 degrees. Wait two years.
Rotate 0.5 population 90 degrees. Wait two years.
Rotate 0.5 population 45 degrees. Wait two years.
Rotate 0.5 population 22.5 degrees. 

Overcrowding on roads will have been reduced by a factor of 8. Economic growth should increase by 12%. Societal flexibility will have improved subjectively.  Building use will be more efficient.

Note: approximately one third of population has a form of seasonal affect disorder and should be selected for remaining close to a standard schedule.

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