Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sanity, Sayings, Salmonella In ISIL, And Self-Rising Flour

-n? That doesn't make any s-risense! Did somebody nuke South Carolina?

Not in this continuum. Unlikely in any we have seen.

Who IS that woman?

Listed as 'Virginia' in other newsfeeds. Apparently she thinks Obama is communist.

[gill spasm] Perhaps she was home-schooled in a bunker by that guy I met named Jersey.

That would require time-travel. He was younger.

Oh yeah. Half-boiled beliefs look all the same age.


What? Oh--actually that one makes sense. Boiling tends to reduce things to their component parts, like fact and philosophy. Baking can cause that odd selfish uprising flouter.

Self-rising flour.

Yeah, that. But why the 'half' in half-baked?

Perhaps a nod to the dangers of salmonella in consuming the dough, still liquid?

Is that what they mean by 'drinking the kool-aid?'

No. There are no eggs in Kool-Aid. That is a reference to groups that pervert religion to a dangerous degree.

Like ISIL?

Perhaps. Specifically that phrase is about becoming indoctrinated fully beyond all hope of return.

Using a rocker.


RIGHT!  Not using-- Off--[disconnect]

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