Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mini-Lecture On How Politics Obscures Common Sense

Shelob? Medbot says I need to stay limited, so I need you to create a blog on the following general idea:

I think Herr D is of high intelligence, but why would he have insight beyond what is available on television?

There is no apparent reason. His DNA, his background do not suggest he has the genius you have identified. Your findings are correct, but no reason exists for it. Human literature not as helpful as your calculations.

I was afraid of that. My last communication with him? He told me about something he actually had to explain to someone. I couldn't believe it. Why is it obvious to him and not others?

Supply this subject for comparison?

If If you watch television, half the speakers will tell you that the President is responsible for the state of the economy, and the other half will tell you that Congress or a former president is responsible. --The thing is that neither side is correct. We live in a capitalism. The same people who lead businesses lead our country.  If they could make more money running a business than drawing a salary from the government, then they stay in business.

So, the ceiling of how well our government can run is roughly equal to the degree that the average business is run well.  How many businesses do you think are run well? --Yeah, we're in trouble. 

Yeah, they might be. The average person really isn't very smart. Do you see what I mean?

His explanation appears marginally correct, if oversimplified. Was he speaking to a child?

Uh, no. Someone he described as having better credentials than he but no understanding of economics.

Apparently his audience was wise enough to know this limitation and seek him out.

Errrrrrrmmm--no. This someone, as it turns out, surprised him into answering, thinking he would answer differently. Herr D still doesn't know how he was expected to answer the question, "What do you think of what Obama is doing to the economy?" 

I will blog this. 




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