Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Grief, Good Day, And Possibly Good-Bye--If The Energy Fields Line Up Without Paradox

[transmission begins] Memo to all seventeen of Hairy's followers and the other random readers worldwide: With the Perseids beginning and Hairy erratically bouncing back and forth between hypothermic invigoration and hibernation, he is largely incapable of human language and is temporarily forbidden from neuralink access. Strobing in and out of time has already begun. Displacement is being kept to a minimum by keeping him lair-bound.

Should his planning enable his emigration, there will be a notification entry here.
Should he return, his health on restoration will allow him to resume blogging before the Perseids end.
Should there be an unplanned alternative, my instructions are set. 

medbot may enable occasional bulletins in the interim.

Any unusual magnetic activity will be brief. Please provide extra protein to anyone whose travel over the metropolitan area coast allows them to arrive at their destination before their departure.

[transmission ends]