Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Black Ops Shouters Killing Green Party, Giving Hairy The Blues

Herr D regaled me with a story of political hypocrisy about this time a couple of years ago. He said that he has seen the same scene played out twice at different polling places since he's moved around a fair amount and occasionally helped bake sale volunteers carry goods for trustworthy brownies.

Apparently he's known people whose brownies he didn't dare eat?

Oh, well. Anyway, he says that in both cases, an angry young man came around to the tables where volunteers hand out sample ballots. The angry young man took one or more ballots from one or both tables. The angry young man loudly declared that everyone should do as he did and vote only for the Green Party.

Then the angry young man ruined the sample ballots and threw them away.

Obviously that angry young man SHOULD have recycled, if he was serious about the Green Party. Maybe it was a prank by someone who doesn't really vote that way? Maybe it was just a loon? Maybe Herr D missed something important about the scenes he witnessed.

I'm gonna go ahead and declare a name for the phenomenon. 'Black Ops Shouter,' or BOS. Obviously, someone attempting a clandestine operation shouldn't shout. I think this name should properly reflect how the most vocal person of a cause sometimes does a cause damage rather than helping. Sometimes this can happen because someone is a loon. Or a control freak in an already well-handled situation.

There was this show called "Bullshit!" I recently outstreamed where these two guys named Penn and Teller circulated a petition to ban dihydrogen oxide at a 'green' event. Those people banned water.

I'm gonna declare that we need to find all the craziest people we can and get them to say we should pollute more. Maybe that will make up for some of the damage done. Isn't that what we need? For crazy people to actually want something CRAZY?!

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