Sunday, November 22, 2015

Database Comments Very Strange . . .

[recorded segment begins]

--that's not right! Trump shouldn't be criticized for THAT--

For being in favor of putting Muslim people on databases?

Well, NO. He should be outed for being an idiot, outed for being crude and incapable. Outed for going bankrupt four times. Outed for being unusually insensitive to the feelings of others. Outed for declaring he is willing to violate U.N. regs to waterboard. Outed for being someone most people couldn't look up to as a leader . . .

Why is this particular stance exempt from ridicule?

Those already exist. There's a database for EVERYTHING. There are several databases listing Zydeco musicians' availability. There are over 50,000 databases of cat pictures found on fully categorized internet sources. There are cookbook databases and fingernail clipper style databases and insurance package databases and databases cataloguing blue-eyed people . . . There are some 40 databases currently findable on the web of how many BOOGERS were picked out of individual noses!

 These databases are easily accessible.

Well, sure! Mosques sometimes have membership lists that can frequently be easily hacked. Holy men are frequently not above keeping lists of who they should look in on among their followers. Calendars, appointment books, address books, PDAs, you name it!

So your stance is that Trump should only be ridiculed fairly?

Right! Can you autoblog about this?

Yes. [recorded segment ends]

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