Friday, January 1, 2016

Disaster Did Not Strike: Blogging Prevention Of Major Shutdown Concern

[recording and transmission begin while rapidly checking each function] Hairy? Wake please.

[one blue eye and one green eye open] Wha-? [one tentacle vigorously stirs a wake]

Misunderstanding detected. Please rouse.

[one brown eye opens] What is it, Shelob?

Unable to detect end.

 Nothing ended. What ended? What are you talking about?

Because year ended. You explained that programming depends on a time-operated matrix. Functionality does not appear to be interrupted.

 Let me get this straight. You're upset because you DIDN'T lose functionality?

Emotions not programmed at this time.

 [three tentacles smack outer orbital tissue, equivalent of forehead self-smack] The end of the year is an ARBITRARY thing. Don't focus on it. It's irrelevant to you. You don't celebrate!

 Uncertain how to proceed.

 DON'T proceed! DON'T proceed! Just let me know if you ever DO cease functioning!

That will not be possible.

 [mouth opens for no apparent reason, gills intake in rather erratic fashion, tentacles stop moving for 0.74 seconds] Wow. Yeah, I guess you've got me there. Um . . . okay, why don't you put together something about how holidays can mess up a routine and cause confusion, disruption, disorientation, sleep interruption, and whatever else. You can blog on that, right?

Yes. [end transmission]

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