Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lead In ^$$#$, Flint Supposed To Be Silica Dioxide, Not Lead

[recorded segment begins with Hairy adjusting plankton sifter] You have not declared a stance on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

You mean that lead scare?

[brief neuralink burst]

[momentary stop] I just don't know what to say about that. I know human brains are fragile, and that heavy metals cause some pretty awful problems for them. [resumes twisting with wrench equivalent] I have no really useful input however.

Sympathy, empathy, or solutions?

I lived in the POTOMAC. Obviously I have nothing to worry about. I mean, maybe if it's so bad to drink water with lead in it, that would explain Congress' behavior of late. [seven tentacles imitate speech gestures commonly seen on news channels] They've been drinking local water?

Consumer information does not suggest so. Lead tolerance does suggest comfort with a sedentary lifestyle.

Well, chemistry's not my thing. But yeah. I don't really DO a whole lot of anything.

So you and Congress do have lead in your ^$$#$?

--Well that doesn't sound very nice. But I didn't promise to do anything except blog. And I'm doing that more than medbot says I should. Promises in general should be kept. Work in general should be done. A work ethic is important. What are the local businesses doing about it?

[brief neuralink burst]

[hard, five-eye blink] General Motors said WHAT?!

"Too corrosive for work floor"--?

I need a sample of that stuff. There's a few sunken engine parts that the local fauna are finding indigestible--[begins rummaging] Look, that's bad and all. Dock the pay of the elected officials until everyone has filters. Then start the work, right? How hard is that? Shelob? How would we hack into the right server to reverse engineer a similar contamination in microscopic, reversible amounts?

[continued adjusting and rummaging and accessing chemistry sites]

For your blog audience?

[all five pupils dilate] Ohhhh. Well, yeah. The public officials might need all of their income, not just their wages, garnished for medical assistance for the victims for life. That sounds fair.  There isn't much anyone can do right now, however.


Limbs with bones in them can't do multiple tasks at a time. For a while, everyone's going to keep pointing fingers at each other. No way they can get the work done till that's over. The 'blame game.' One of mankind's worst inventions. Autoblog on this, Shelob. This adjustment and that side project are going to take two tides worth of work. I have a responsibility to my neighbors. [locks wrench equivalent in place at optimum temporary setting, swims out of lair with chemistry set, neuralink booster, and netful of potentially important odds and ends]

Understood. [recorded segment ends, rapid edit, upload]

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