Thursday, May 26, 2016

Edited: War, In All Its Gory, And Hands Held Deeply Or Highly For A Non-Robbery Event

Herr D: "War Came By" designed on heromachine.
Not bad, considering the contest limits he had.--Hairy

Well, the news is beginning to catch up to the drone strikes and air support in the middle East. Obama is being as good as his word. It's a real shame history will remember him better than he is thought of now. Of course, it's a BIGGER shame that anyone had to resort to violence . . . 

You seem depressed, based on medbot readings.

Everyone should feel bad about the killing, even of our sworn enemies. Obviously, it's a shame those on the other side weren't into 'laissez-faire.' Or that they couldn't just grow a brain and pretend they were. There are murderous bigots in America, too. Some of them go to their graves, thinking fondly of killing whoever they hate but doing nothing. They are admirable in that one capacity--respecting the society they live in, if nothing else. Aaaah--

[disgusted disconnect] 

*Edit Stream: 

Recent Obama comment mentioning 'moral revolution.' DEEP TIME FOR IT! 

The correct aphorism is 'high time for it.'

Yikes. I would've guessed it couldn't be time unless it 'sunk in' first.  

Reference probably relates to analog time-keeping system, hands high meaning late.

I thought that time period had hands high meaning a robbery.

Clock hands, not human hands.

Ohhhh. Well, anyway, America might think it unwise to apologize for Hiroshima, but I for one am sorry it happened.

End Edit Stream*  

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