Friday, June 24, 2016

Will C-Span Sue Ryan? Will U.K. Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse?' The People Have Spoken

"Turnabout For Squinty McGee" by Herr D, made on Reprint rights availableto commenters.

[recorded segment begins, as approximately instructed later by Hairy; he is watching footage on UK's vote to leave EU with one brown eye and rewatching footage of recent House sit-in with one green eye]

Zowie! What's next, a bunch of protesters offering to permanently staple Putin's shirt on?

You speak of coincidental group actions, but Russia is less likely to act in such a manner, according to historical analysis software.

Well, if you look at it, groups of people are 'taking back' the power that they don't normally exercise. It's easy to forget that the will of the people is the 'sleeping leviathan.'

'Sleeping giant' is the phrase.

Whatever. The point is, people are speaking as one more frequently.  ---Bernie Sanders would be proud. . . . I wonder how much of this is because of his movement? Has anyone reported on that?

[.24 seconds pass] Cursory search yields no such commentary.

Oh. Well, has anyone reported on whether C-Span will raise a cyclone over having been turned off?

Hypocrisy and cowardice and shame have been mentioned by many. C-Span's camera, coverage rights not covered to net as yet. Uncertain where to find such commentary.

Oh. Huh! Well, it's just odd, isn't it? Paul Ryan criticized the protesting Democrats for being distracting and breaking rules about phones. But he and his party had already acted in a manner that smacks of censorship and reminds me personally of 'breaking the SPIRIT of the law..' This is a matter of the fish calling the frog wet.

 Similar aphorism exists. 'Pot calling the kettle black.'

 . . . yehhhh, I don't really know anything about cookware. This should be blogged upon. Have I referenced this stuff before?

June 26, 2014 The Parrot Committed Mutiny Again. Specifically accessed by REDACTED      ,                         recently, one of our followers.

Thank you to that kind follower for the reminder! Many of the potential subjects we might blog upon, we already have!

Shelob! Post that old pic again if you can find it! It has bearing on today's topic!

Right away. Implied instruction to blog current cache fragment. Uploading now. [recorded segment ends]

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hillary's REAL Flaw-Marketing! Make American POLITICS Great Again

[recorded segment begins]

[gill fluttering, akin to raucous laughter] Oh, FINALLY, that's worse marketing than MINE!

You refer to newsfeed OAF3lgyrLktr8 Hillary pointing out Trump will allow recession return.

. . . and to wait till NOW?! If she loses, it'll be because she's too good AT the job and not good enough at GETTING the job. [gill snort] No wonder Herr D prefers her! [thoughtful, three-eye twitch] Huh.

Uncertain of logic here.

Well, of COURSE anyone who undoes some of what Obama did is going to undo more of his biggest accomplishment.

Please explain.

Well, okay--think of a multinational, multilayer, capitalistic, partially anti-monopoly, rolling-leadership economy in constant, non-violent flux as an organism.

Metaphor acceptable because of degree of complexity.

Healing takes longer than wounding, right?

An obvious truth. Uncertain of relevance.

Then no one should be surprised that fixing the economy is going to take longer than breaking it. People can hate it, but nothing will change that. Short-term over-fast fixes are like breeding sharks to deal with an overpopulation of human swimmers. Once the humans are gone, the octopi will be munched on too.

Wait--probably should reverse those species. You know what I mean.

Trump was perhaps necessary to Hillary's success by winnowing out the 'mob of opposing candidates.' But as you point out, his fitness for the role should be in question.

Oh! That wasn't exactly HOW I meant it, but yes! Why didn't she bring that up before, dismissively like any old grandma pointing out that the not-so-young yuppie upstart can't even prevent going bankrupt (four times) and couldn't have made it at all without inheriting (and Trump U.) and couldn't have made it at all if there wasn't so much economic growth caused partially by the policies of her husband . . . and just leave things to people who know what they're DOING?

Clearly she doesn't know how to make the right impression. Put the right person in the right job, America--send Trump back to the t.v. networks so he can waste more of our time in an enjoyable fashion. Make American POLITICS great again. Blog on this, Shelob?

Yes. [end recorded segment]

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Creeping Horror Of Real Estate

[recorded segment begins]

[straining to attach suitbot #2's new head with wrench equivalent] Ow! This is difficult.

medbot says your activity level has been higher.

Yeah, I'm glad I could fix the extruder. I can't imagine carving a whole new one. I imagine Herr D could, but I'm no artist.

You are not blogging about the political situation?

No, I'm not sure there's anything that needs to be said about all that's happening with that right now. I AM interested to know how they will go about healing and restoring their lives after all this.

Unsure of meaning.

Well, you know, all those who now have degrading nicknames? How do they go about gracefully ignoring them? Do they put people in their place verbally instead? Do they somehow spin things to their staunch supporters as how they were 'robbed' of chances, opportunities?

Continuing on with a tactic mentioned by many pundits.

Well, there are somewhere around 25,000 people, according to my figures, who really are being robbed of job opportunities in the greater tri-state area.

That figure seems low.

I mean ultra-deserving people like Herr D, who are being ignored by recruiters, job boards, hiring managers.

The work ethic you have defined is too subjective for programming. This situation will continue harming American business, as you have posited. 'Robbing' America of further economic growth. Is there a larger problem you are aware of?

I figure there are about 3 million people being robbed of financial stability by pseudo-gentrification scams. That's perfectly legal, by the way.

Unaware of meaning.

Oh. Well, picture a quiet subdivision with affordable homes. Three developers come in in competition to buy the homes. They buy them, they tear them down and build higher-end or flip them, raising the tax rate on the nearby properties.

Then this domino effect happens. Homeowners and renters near them move out because it costs too much to live there. Eventually the whole subdivision is more expensive to live in.

This does not appear to be a unified force, therefore it should help capitalism.

Well, no. You see, those three developers were given 'special attention,' usually in the form of lower-interest business loans--"Hey, because it's YOU, Tom." They were baited into place! Two of the developers will make money, and one will go bankrupt. 

This will harm the intended outcome?

No. That was part of the plan. The financially-interested parties have it rigged so they make money on the one going bankrupt AND the two that make money. Then they take over by building condos or selling the whole thing to a mall builder or something else. It's carefully planned so that they make some money at every stage while dozens of homeowners lose equity if they haven't an exit plan or the means to pay more than planned or some other individual way to not lose in the process.

You speak of a money-making scheme that would take years to complete.

Oh, decades! But the thing is, no one does this just once. The parties concerned arrange for stockholders or other investors to make dividends on their plans and manage dozens of these plans at once for payout on cyclical schedules.

Perhaps a more concrete example.

Like say Bill lives in a house he got on the cheap.  He gets edged out, moving farther from the bank he works at, never realizing that his employer financed the developers that built the Frankenmansions that raised his taxes that drove him out. He never realizes that the special rate he got on the condo he moved into was not because he worked at the bank, but because the bank saw that the rate would get him to move. Bill also never realizes that six out of those fifteen Frankenmansions sat empty ON PURPOSE as a tax writeoff for the receivership of the shell company that foreclosed on the homes that wouldn't rent or sell. Bill doesn't know that the grocery store and his favorite hangout closed down because of the same reason he had to move. Real estate pressure.

Now Bill still works as a teller in the same bank, but he has a longer commute to a condo he didn't want over the house he loved, his social life is not what it was because of that commute and his favorite hangout closing and the new ones being too expensive.

He has been unknowingly victimized.

That's not all. His boss talked him into investing in a 401k at work.

This would help Bill prepare for retirement.

Yeah, but the part of it that invests in real estate was part of the scheme. He got ten dollars toward retirement over the course of six years by paying seven into the 401k and losing about sixteen thousand dollars over twenty years because he was gentrified by THE SAME PEOPLE

And this is legal.

Yep. [resumes straining]

[recorded segment ends]

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ISIL Not Doing As Much Damage To America As ZipRecruiter And Similar

[recorded segment begins as Hairy tries, once again, to analyze why Herr D's applications to various positions have not been accepted] It was too long. Backtrace suggests the readers refused to read the resume at all. Time index suggests your category of 'uninformed glance.'

No, that doesn't make sense. How short could you make a resume and sound like you had any experience?

One correspondence about a selection said it was a 'tweet' that swung the balance.

How long are those?

120 characters. But traditionally resumes are one page.

One page? I couldn't fit a month's blogging on one page? How does that work?

As you have noted, "It doesn't;" but turnover rates and ratings of job dissatisfaction indicate you not merely correct but understated.

[gill flap, analogous to brief, humorless laugh] Okay . . . agreed! But how do people get hired on one page?

According to one human resources text, "a resume is but a stopgap measure to insure some insight into an individual can be seen. Applications, interviews, simple observations can provide much more reasonable ways to eliminate multiple candidates--

Ohhh. So, they can-- No, I'm beginning to get it. Each applicant is required to build about fifty flags, hold them up, and let the hiring managers wearing rose-colored glasses knock down all the ones they think are 'red flags.' They continue this blind elimination until they have whoever cheated best or dodged the questions best. A group of three, say. Then they physically talk to those losers and decide which one is the best.

Your aphorisms are probably misapplied based on current data. But your description of the results is apt. 

No WONDER Trump is doing so well in his party. American businesses have been running away from the right people for so long, they've become resigned to taking the worst possible person! I KNEW capitalism could be undermined; I just never suspected that HIRING SOFTWARE WAS THE KEY TO KILLING AMERICA! Good grief! Is there someone we could warn?

Accidental software endangerment, through business practices, does not have a clear authority. The Department Of Commerce and Homeland Security do not have the proper partnership to implement any solutions whatsoever. 

Couldn't anyone in charge have seen this coming? Are sites like ZipRecruiter ISIL plots?

As instructed, data assembled. ISIL not overtly tied to hiring software. No one currently in charge commenting on possibility of harm to country through hiring software. Trump's show "The Apprentice" could well have been used to examine the correct point in time when hiring and other selection processes were debased to the point of his candidacy becoming more likely. His market research would have been applied in both directions.

That--kind of figures. Well, we know something is going to change, because we've seen the fut-[REDACTED]      and we know that [REDACTED                                  
                                                                                ]     what's going to change? Between those two events?

Viewer still broken. Isotope not available without process dangerous to environment.

Yeah, we won't be fixing that ourselves. I just hope things go better soon. [end recorded segment]