Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hillary's REAL Flaw-Marketing! Make American POLITICS Great Again

[recorded segment begins]

[gill fluttering, akin to raucous laughter] Oh, FINALLY, that's worse marketing than MINE!

You refer to newsfeed OAF3lgyrLktr8 Hillary pointing out Trump will allow recession return.

. . . and to wait till NOW?! If she loses, it'll be because she's too good AT the job and not good enough at GETTING the job. [gill snort] No wonder Herr D prefers her! [thoughtful, three-eye twitch] Huh.

Uncertain of logic here.

Well, of COURSE anyone who undoes some of what Obama did is going to undo more of his biggest accomplishment.

Please explain.

Well, okay--think of a multinational, multilayer, capitalistic, partially anti-monopoly, rolling-leadership economy in constant, non-violent flux as an organism.

Metaphor acceptable because of degree of complexity.

Healing takes longer than wounding, right?

An obvious truth. Uncertain of relevance.

Then no one should be surprised that fixing the economy is going to take longer than breaking it. People can hate it, but nothing will change that. Short-term over-fast fixes are like breeding sharks to deal with an overpopulation of human swimmers. Once the humans are gone, the octopi will be munched on too.

Wait--probably should reverse those species. You know what I mean.

Trump was perhaps necessary to Hillary's success by winnowing out the 'mob of opposing candidates.' But as you point out, his fitness for the role should be in question.

Oh! That wasn't exactly HOW I meant it, but yes! Why didn't she bring that up before, dismissively like any old grandma pointing out that the not-so-young yuppie upstart can't even prevent going bankrupt (four times) and couldn't have made it at all without inheriting (and Trump U.) and couldn't have made it at all if there wasn't so much economic growth caused partially by the policies of her husband . . . and just leave things to people who know what they're DOING?

Clearly she doesn't know how to make the right impression. Put the right person in the right job, America--send Trump back to the t.v. networks so he can waste more of our time in an enjoyable fashion. Make American POLITICS great again. Blog on this, Shelob?

Yes. [end recorded segment]

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