Friday, July 22, 2016

Third-Party Threat To Current Nominees Should RSVP

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"AComparison-usDASHpoliticalDASHpartiesDOTinsidegovDOTcomSLASHcompare" credit in title. Screenshot by Herr D.

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Hairy's First Principles state when an argument cannot be settled, both sides are wrong. Idea seems paradoxical, but the reality modeled by any successful system is not binary (base two), as computers here usually are. Reality's coherent complexity requires base eleven, rather than base two, so two sides are statistically unlikely to be correct.  Hairy has unusual anatomical advantage for this sort of thinking. 

If neither side of binary argument is likely correct, American political situation computes. Neither side is correct, superior, or complete without the other. Codependency, counter-productivity, and other destructive tendencies of a two-party system were predicted by Founding Fathers of America. 

Hairy's First Principles also declare presence of opportunity in all conflict. Perhaps someone is aware of opportunity in situ? [searches Facebook for 15.504 seconds]

Quotation found; Codename StarU wrote [sic]:

Dear independendent/third party candidate: what are you waiting for? A formal invitation? Ok. Here it is.  Please run for President. This year. Consolidate/ negotiate with other independents if you must, to unify your voters, but look around you?  Now is the time to break through the Democratic/Republican precedence.  What better political climate could you ask for than now? And what could be a better resum for a candidate than the first Independent to unite the third party movements to save this country from both Trump and Clinton??? Your invitation has been sent.  Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Predictive functions do not calculate favorable odds, but a 47-55-year-old, charismatic, famously self-educated female having served local politics in more than one locale with vastly different laws has best statistical profile calculated thus far. [msg sent to Herr D incl rq for graphic, blog unit saved for later addition]

[resumption] Herr D has provided the research (above) that he based his graphic (below) on. He said "surprised to discover several points to unify these parties with."

  1. Smaller, more representational government is a goal of all three, bringing power "back to the people" by degrees. Working from within a place of power to change said power has been noted by many theorists, ranging from political science to the mathematics of game theory, as the most successful way. It is noted especially for the purposes of bloodless, permanent, attritional changes such as approved by American Founding Fathers.
  2. Isolationism, various, is a goal of all three. A lack of war and other involvement in other sovereign nations is desirable to many. Focusing upon internal problems is another laudable plan, according to theorists ranging in specialty from political science to Alcoholics Anonymous. Reasons vary in the extreme.
  3. Environmentalism is only slightly less universal. Specifically is dominant platform point of the Green Party. "Stewardship of God's creation" is a value derivative within the Constitution Party. For the Libertarian Party, this may be a sticking point unless the environment is treated as an individual with rights not to be impugned upon, or unless the rights of future generations of individuals to thrive are recognized politically. In any case, two for three is better than most successful compromises require. 

With these and more not be summarized here, Herr D made this:

UPDATE: "Invitation From StarU" on by Herr D. Update by PhotobucketMustDie-bot

Obviously creativity is something that should be examined in a later blog episode.  

For now, perhaps this solution has merit to the binary problem of American politics.

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