Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hairy's Excuse

Hairy has arrived without transport unit or suitbot #1. He has collapsed from fatigue. medbot is putting him into stasis. He expressed surprise at autoblogging at exact, eleven day intervals, though he did originally program in base eleven. He explained his well-rehearsed version of recent events in a transmission to Herr D along with a request for a graphic. Obeying last instructions:  "You jumble-of-code, you! Don't wait eleven days every [choking sounds] time! Tell everyone why I've been gone. Use the 'human' version I rehearsed on the way home. See if Herr D can give it a funny picture."

"Getting A Lift," by Herr D on This should explain everything.--Shelob

[from Hairy's trans to Herr D] So, I lost my 'ride.' Had to 'take care of it.' Then I met this old-timer. He gave me a lift. We went a little out of our way. We had to avoid this storm, and he had some, uh, dietary issues. Then I found out he was homeless, had a disability, and, worse, the staff of the park he was living near had led him to believe they'd keep giving him food and stopped suddenly. He doesn't even know why. Dazed and confused, he didn't even know the way back! I had to find him a situation and leave him. Felt bad about it, but I can't take him in. The cold in my area would kill him, even if I could support him. I took him back south a ways, so at least the coming winter won't bother him so much. Anyway, sorry I've been out of touch for so long. [end trans to Herr D]

Unable to trace transport unit, suitbot #1, or entry time-strobe energy signature. Concealment complete. Blog function off


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