Monday, October 31, 2016

Plan Time To Vote; Honor The Progression And The Possibility Of An Accidentally Successful President Rather Than A Known Failure

[forcible medbot-enabled neuralink retrieval to consciousness] Hairy? Your consciousness required momentarily. Recent web chatter shows much distress over election. medbot cleared you for low energy discussion. You can contribute to blog today. Suggestion for reassurance regarding outcome? Many are expressing various negative emotions beyond your calculated destructiveness quotient.

[gill stretches, squints for a moment] Truth table?

A truth table for this election.


Unsure of reasoning. Stating results approximately produces two sentences.

[snicker] You need a . . . prospective perspective dynamic. Uh . . . subroutine library of reversal protocols.

By suggestion, calculate valences and project election results by surrounding people, rather than individuals.

Yeah, that's it.

If Trump were elected, other people in all elected positions, Democrat and Republican, would prevent any positive action, resulting in stagnation of current positive economic trends.

That seems right. Go on.

If Hillary were elected, many would prevent her specific plans, but allow to continue any action she takes that seems to simply extend the plans of Obama. Valence specific: they are used to his plans going forward.

An important distinction. You've got this. [goes slack, loses consciousness]

In all variants, Hillary is statistically likely to be less of a candidate than her intended image. She is also statistically likely to be better than the conspiracy theorists project. In the worst possible case, she would accidentally be a successful president because of the Obama progression and personal enmity of others as described above. 

The only way things can go badly is if people do not vote. [disconnect]

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