Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gifts And Aphorisms About Them Require Dental Exam, Avoidance Of Non-Consensual Mating

"Gift From Afar" by Herr D on
I don't mean to be satirical--

Spatulation of shorter tentacles indicates untruth.

Well, yeah, I do. With full satirical intent, I point out that you should ALWAYS look a gift horse in the mouth and wherever else you must to have quality assurance. Not doing it in front of the gift-giver is nice. Do it anyway. Otherwise you get #$%^&-ed on the horse you rode in on.

You appear to be speaking of people, rather than gifts.

Well, that's because some people act as if they are a gift to the universe. People have to give back, because they AREN'T gifts, but burdens. Any living thing takes for its life. This is simple logic.

Is this logic too simple to dwell upon?

No I don't think it's too simple. Most people forget this set of particulars. [disconnects]

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