Saturday, December 24, 2016

Safe Travel To All And To All A Good Adam

"Santa's Transwarp VTOL" by Herr D on Herr D explained it teleports and has snow and chocolate bullets for those less-Christmassy-looking locations. Also has VTOL for those tight maneuvers and holographic guidance.



I haven't reached Herr D for the graphic for Christmas Adam, and I have to write the blog episode before tomorrow.

You are scheduled to submit today.

--what! I mean, today? Did I remember to request that pic of Christmas Adam?

Christmas Eve.

It's a woman?

Eve is archaic form of 'night before,' or evening before, as in eve of.
Oh. So I don't have a picture for the blog? Well, I gu--

I contacted him before, requesting a holiday-themed picture.

Heeeheeeyyy! Good goin' Shelob! What'd you get?

[neuralink burst displaying graphic, extended caption]

Um, okay then--good. Why can't I reach him, anyway? Isn't he normally online now, anyway?

He is still traveling toward family on multi-stop journey. Internet activity within the past hour indicative of brief check-in with community. 
Oh. . . . So, blog on this travel business, and wish everyone better luck than I have traveling.

Right away. [upload, disconnect]

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