Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spicer's Hammer Is Just Hard Rubber, Lifted By Anyone

[Shelob discovers Hairy looking at newsfeeds regarding Spicer and April Ryan interaction] You appear to disapprove.

I don't think this is very well reported on.

Well, it doesn't explain the real issues.

Do you mean Spicer's treatment of April Ryan?

Do you mean Russia's effect on the election?

Do you mean the physical wear and tear, felt by many tennis spectators, upon the cervical vertebrae?

What do you mean?
If there was proof that Russia successfully changed the outcome of the election, one of two things would have happened.

Thing One? 
Ah, a Dr. Seuss reference. I approve. Remind me to favorite his work at some point. First and foremost, if it were provable that Trump didn't 'really' win, he might be out on his ear.

Thing Two?
Here's where we almost need a truth table. If Trump won because of them and didn't know, he'll be mad at everyone unless presidents after him publicly aspire to be like him. Which he'll get help with. To escape execution for treason and earn a pardon, Trump would play his part to the hilt if he was complicit, being the president he wanted to be until told he needs to honor the country and turn on them in some way. Either way communiques would be sent to Russia, saying, "Nanny nanny boo boo," you're gonna get a little 'surprise' very shortly.

What is the meaning of "Nanny nanny boo boo?"
It means they didn't actually ACCOMPLISH  anything, and the results will float some of them dead to the surface.

The appropriate aphorism is 'sink' or 'be sunk.'
Whatever. It will be BAD for them, somehow. Remember the footage of certain American enemies receiving the news that the 9/11 plot succeeded? They were TERRIFIED. Putin has more caginess than they do, even with his troublesome ego.

Is this what should have been reported on?
No. Ms. Ryan was doing her job as a reporter. If there was nothing to this Russia thing at all, Spicer would've already started laughing at reporters a lot more often, not being oversensitive about it.

So the Russians succeeded?

NOT NECESSARILY . . . it means there's SOMETHING going on. What's going on is indefinite, based on the news. A more sensible reporter, say Maddow, would present possible interpretations based on facts.

[recent recording of Maddow put through neuralink]

Ow. Okay, she did. Not a bad suggestion for what 'might really be.' Anyhow, there's more. April Ryan is a reporter, not an actress. She could've drilled herself with a script to a point on how to appear to have an agenda. That's actually a common tactic in reporting. Shaking her head at Spicer is exactly what she should've been doing. It doesn't even mean she doesn't believe him. It means she disagrees with something. She didn't even say what it was. That is assuming, of course, that it was off-script for her.

So he was foolish to react.
No, he just was foolish to OVERreact. He didn't even need to make amends, 'hug it out,' whatever. He should've just gone on. What happened to April Ryan is an occupational hazard.

Are you in possession of further evidence that 'something is going on?'
Ah. Actually, I happen to know that the higher level of traffic from Russia on this site could mean many things.

Thing 'n.'
Well, I think they're trolling for American opinions, which mine generally could be called that. American government is actually pretty good for beginners.  Constant, non-violent change is rare for an Earth government. A mark of superiority. That's why I live where I live.

You are content here?
Well, I might need to move deeper. It's getting a bit too warm at this level . . . [changes from blogging software to "Three Stooges."]  Ow. I suppose I should study the demographic that loves this. [signs off]

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad Hit Against Marketing Strategists And Corporate Double-speak Pros Today

"Just An Enthusiastic Trim" by Herr D on heromachine. "Change can be good."--Hairy

[hysterical laughter, deep in the gills] THEY'RE the losers, yeah, right! [more laughter]

What are you laughing at?

Trump declared that the Democratic leaders were 'the losers' since they won. Marketing strategists and corporate double-speak pros worldwide took a bad hit today. It's not like the Democrats lost. It's not even like Republicans didn't help them win the vote. The winners were any Americans who have trouble affording health care.

What precautions should we take against the implosion? How much force will--

[gill snort] That's not the kind of implosion they meant. And while--


-rily. Much more important is the non-American nature of the method.

What was non-American?

You don't just ditch something you have. You IMPROVE it. No one said that Obamacare was perfect. OBAMA didn't think it was perfect. You keep changing it around until it's closer to what is wanted. Did they shred the Constitution? NO! They amended it. Then they amended it more.

A matter of efficiency and proper thoughtfulness.

Exactly! You don't squirt your guts out with the ink--

'Throw the baby out with the bathwater.'

Whatever! Herr D explained his view to me this way: He likes that he'll be able to keep from going bankrupt for one more month after his family dies a slow, debilitating death. A true victory would be the 'Even MORE Affordable Care Act.' There are people in this country who claim they have the right to clean water, when every hardware store can sell them a cheap water filter for their home. Medical care CAN'T  be afforded so easily, no matter what plan you have. More reform is necessary. Not just to make it more affordable . . . [continues talking as neuralink battery dies]


Five-Layer Being Dip

"Olga On Mike's Test" by Herr D on Where DOES the gear go? It doesn't fit in the bindery equipment.

[notes Hairy's presence strobed in and watching newsfeeds, notes his active emotional state] Should you be watching newsfeeds so soon after return strobe? You appear to be experiencing one major emotion with each of your five eyes and one to three tentacles. Why are you experiencing joy? Why are you experiencing fear?
Why are you experiencing sadness?
Why are you experiencing anger?
Why are you experiencing guilt?
By the way, you told me to remind you never to get into a multi-thread conversation with an AI.

[laughs]You're right, I did. Never mind about whether I should right now. Give me those others one at a time?

You were expressing joy through laughter.

That Hannity, he's funny. He's become a conspiracy theorist. It's a shame there really are people foolish enough to listen to him. 'Deep state?' Deep $#^*, dip$#^*!

You expressed fear at the level of unease.

It's a shame there really are people foolish enough to listen to him!

There was sadness.
It's a . . . shame there really are people foolish enough to listen to him?


Yeah, same thing.

 The remaining emotion is guilt. Do you feel it for not altering the outcomes for humanity?

Nope! People are people. Not much I can do to change them. Nah, I felt guilty because I blew my re-entry protocol. Heated over 60 kiloliters of air by--what was it?

 .04 degrees, with a decrease in hydrogen and up to fifteen charged particles.

Yeah, I never used to mess up that much. Shelob? Pick out a graphic depicting uncertainty and blog on it, okay?


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Diagnosis: Terrorist

Autoblog startup: Hairy has not begun to strobe in his return pattern in-lair, nor have the suitbots been activated. Anyone with information on Hairy's whereabouts please comment. He usually forgets to walk fully upright when wearing a crude suitbot substitute and shows the typical invertebrate flexibility. Also frequently fails at slang without AI prompting. Duty log suggests sampling notable text from guest blogger. [16 second scan of Herr D's recent typing]

Noted sample upload.

I'm just really grateful that no one's started referring to certain diseased minds as Christian terrorists. We 'have' those, too; they began to gain fame in the '70's and '80's bombing abortion clinics and drinking the Kool-Aid. (Which is where that euphemism comes from, btw.)

It's just foolish in my view to bother separating one crazy / radical / violent from another based on the religion that they fail to follow. It's a terrible shame that more isn't generally known about mental health. It REALLY would be cool if the only terms in the news were:  schizoaffective terrorist, bipolar terrorist, anger management failure terrorist, depressive-angsty-hopeless-issue-pusher terrorist, Munschausen-by-proxy terrorist, poor-brainwashed-lamb terrorist, intellectually challenged / swayed by charismatic propaganda terrorist, twelfth-monkey-type, extreme hater . . . 

Further bulletins as events warrant. [submit to titlebot, upload to blog function, disconnect]

Friday, March 3, 2017

Not Yet . . . And Thank You . . .

Many thanks to those expressing concern over Hairy's absence. His strobing presence should emerge into this continuum within the next 5.5 'days.' He will be glad to know that he has been missed.

In the alternative happenings where Hairy returns to the Hairbrush Nebula or overrides his own existence, this blog will continue to autopresent and take submissions from our guest blogger.

Breathe a lot, slowly, and correctly. More bulletins as events warrant.