Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad Hit Against Marketing Strategists And Corporate Double-speak Pros Today

"Just An Enthusiastic Trim" by Herr D on heromachine. "Change can be good."--Hairy

[hysterical laughter, deep in the gills] THEY'RE the losers, yeah, right! [more laughter]

What are you laughing at?

Trump declared that the Democratic leaders were 'the losers' since they won. Marketing strategists and corporate double-speak pros worldwide took a bad hit today. It's not like the Democrats lost. It's not even like Republicans didn't help them win the vote. The winners were any Americans who have trouble affording health care.

What precautions should we take against the implosion? How much force will--

[gill snort] That's not the kind of implosion they meant. And while--


-rily. Much more important is the non-American nature of the method.

What was non-American?

You don't just ditch something you have. You IMPROVE it. No one said that Obamacare was perfect. OBAMA didn't think it was perfect. You keep changing it around until it's closer to what is wanted. Did they shred the Constitution? NO! They amended it. Then they amended it more.

A matter of efficiency and proper thoughtfulness.

Exactly! You don't squirt your guts out with the ink--

'Throw the baby out with the bathwater.'

Whatever! Herr D explained his view to me this way: He likes that he'll be able to keep from going bankrupt for one more month after his family dies a slow, debilitating death. A true victory would be the 'Even MORE Affordable Care Act.' There are people in this country who claim they have the right to clean water, when every hardware store can sell them a cheap water filter for their home. Medical care CAN'T  be afforded so easily, no matter what plan you have. More reform is necessary. Not just to make it more affordable . . . [continues talking as neuralink battery dies]


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