Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spicer's Hammer Is Just Hard Rubber, Lifted By Anyone

[Shelob discovers Hairy looking at newsfeeds regarding Spicer and April Ryan interaction] You appear to disapprove.

I don't think this is very well reported on.

Well, it doesn't explain the real issues.

Do you mean Spicer's treatment of April Ryan?

Do you mean Russia's effect on the election?

Do you mean the physical wear and tear, felt by many tennis spectators, upon the cervical vertebrae?

What do you mean?
If there was proof that Russia successfully changed the outcome of the election, one of two things would have happened.

Thing One? 
Ah, a Dr. Seuss reference. I approve. Remind me to favorite his work at some point. First and foremost, if it were provable that Trump didn't 'really' win, he might be out on his ear.

Thing Two?
Here's where we almost need a truth table. If Trump won because of them and didn't know, he'll be mad at everyone unless presidents after him publicly aspire to be like him. Which he'll get help with. To escape execution for treason and earn a pardon, Trump would play his part to the hilt if he was complicit, being the president he wanted to be until told he needs to honor the country and turn on them in some way. Either way communiques would be sent to Russia, saying, "Nanny nanny boo boo," you're gonna get a little 'surprise' very shortly.

What is the meaning of "Nanny nanny boo boo?"
It means they didn't actually ACCOMPLISH  anything, and the results will float some of them dead to the surface.

The appropriate aphorism is 'sink' or 'be sunk.'
Whatever. It will be BAD for them, somehow. Remember the footage of certain American enemies receiving the news that the 9/11 plot succeeded? They were TERRIFIED. Putin has more caginess than they do, even with his troublesome ego.

Is this what should have been reported on?
No. Ms. Ryan was doing her job as a reporter. If there was nothing to this Russia thing at all, Spicer would've already started laughing at reporters a lot more often, not being oversensitive about it.

So the Russians succeeded?

NOT NECESSARILY . . . it means there's SOMETHING going on. What's going on is indefinite, based on the news. A more sensible reporter, say Maddow, would present possible interpretations based on facts.

[recent recording of Maddow put through neuralink]

Ow. Okay, she did. Not a bad suggestion for what 'might really be.' Anyhow, there's more. April Ryan is a reporter, not an actress. She could've drilled herself with a script to a point on how to appear to have an agenda. That's actually a common tactic in reporting. Shaking her head at Spicer is exactly what she should've been doing. It doesn't even mean she doesn't believe him. It means she disagrees with something. She didn't even say what it was. That is assuming, of course, that it was off-script for her.

So he was foolish to react.
No, he just was foolish to OVERreact. He didn't even need to make amends, 'hug it out,' whatever. He should've just gone on. What happened to April Ryan is an occupational hazard.

Are you in possession of further evidence that 'something is going on?'
Ah. Actually, I happen to know that the higher level of traffic from Russia on this site could mean many things.

Thing 'n.'
Well, I think they're trolling for American opinions, which mine generally could be called that. American government is actually pretty good for beginners.  Constant, non-violent change is rare for an Earth government. A mark of superiority. That's why I live where I live.

You are content here?
Well, I might need to move deeper. It's getting a bit too warm at this level . . . [changes from blogging software to "Three Stooges."]  Ow. I suppose I should study the demographic that loves this. [signs off]

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