Thursday, June 8, 2017

Classified Bads: The Defendant Tried Not To Offend

"Congressional Hearing" by Herr D on Windows Paint. He says he's sorry he missed that clip.--Shelob

[blog function switched on by Hairy by accident]

[laughing hard enough to cause ripples, gills at peak activity]

Hairy? You saw something funny on the newsfeed?

The [gurgling choke] morons don't quit, do they?!

No, Comey was fired.

NOT COMEY! He wasn't a moron. The guy on the feed! He actually asked what legal reason did an INTELLIGENCE CAREER DUDE have for not publicly discussing what could be classified material. AFTER the dude tried to be nice and say it 'wasn't appropriate' but would be happy to discuss it in a closed session.

It was inappropriate?

IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW! Congressman Moron was demanding that his witness break the law! I mean, doesn't that count as conspiracy to attempt treason, or something?

You don't know either?

I don't know, but everyone THERE is SUPPOSED to know! Trump is properly called ignorant of the ways of being a president, but these guys are experienced and prepared. They HAVE no excuse.

You made similar valuations of Congress' during other hearings.

Well, yes, now that you mention it. They were just as stupid when they interrogated Hillary. I mean, these guys probably get together and one of them says that they should all study up on how to be like Perry Mason. Then the senile old 6@5#@&!5 go home and listen to Perry Como by mistake. That's probably why they wave their hands around so much. They're trying to CONDUCT an investigation.

That was a pun, correct?

Yes! Hey, that means I coded your humor recognition functions better! We're off--[blog function off]

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