Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do Not Be Alarmed; Trump Is Assuredly Human Says Hairy

"Amateur Night, Lavender Lounge, Deck 3" by Herr D on
You have picked a new favorite of Herr D's work.

I'm glad to see Herr D up to his usual stuff. That IS completely the wrong color scheme for that species--more of a maroon-legged, pink-horned palette. Well, the fins are right.

You are regretful about past, according to neuralink indicators.
I am! Sometimes I sorely miss working for Universal Biologic. [reminisces]

Trump's orange hair strongly resembles [species redacted] from your memories of travel.
[startles, splashing and rapid gill expulsion, three pupils dilate] --Oh, good grief! He is NOT one of those! He's too small! Besides, they're much less egomaniacal as a species than he is.

A young one perhaps, wearing a suitbot?
Well, that would account for the nonsensical behavior, but even so--too small because of the extrusions. Besides, any THAT young to BE that small couldn't possibly learn any human languages or use a suitbot that well.

Do you wish to blog with this presented picture?
No, Shelob. I'm going for a swim. [exits]

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